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The Facts

Identity theft is in the news, on the rise, and it’s here to stay…
> The number of identity fraud victims reached 13.1 million in 2013, its second highest level on record.
> Incidence of existing account fraud increased by 36% to historic highs in 2013, affecting 5% of the U.S. population.
> Tablet and smartphone owners expose themselves to unique fraud threats – Over 6.5% of smartphone owners and 7.7% of tablet owners were defrauded in 2013.
> Convenient and widespread password behaviors are placing consumers at risk of identity fraud.
> Consumers reveal less PII on social media sites but neglect key ways to limit who sees their profiles.
> Nearly one in three data breach victims in 2013 also became a fraud victim in the same year.

Identity Fraud Report, 2014 Javelin Strategy & Research