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How it Works?
In this digital age of connectivity, incidents of data
breaches and identity theft are increasing.
ID WORLDWIDE protects our members by:

ID Monitoring your credit reports daily for signs of unauthorized activity3
ID Providing a $1,000,000 identity theft insurance policy5
ID Monitoring activity on your social security number to identity unauthorized use7
ID Scanning stolen credit card numbers to see if yours have been compromised8
ID Providing 24/7/365 identity fraud support and world class protection

Pay only $16 per month thereafter.
additional plans:
$8 Spouse, $4 Children


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Three Major Types of Identity Theft
Identity Theft Insurance

When it comes to protecting your identity, ID WORLDWIDE helps cover all the bases.

We do more than simply provide credit reports or offer access to fraud alert services. ID WORLDWIDE’s extensive benefits combat all the key methods thieves can use to take control of your life. From providing advanced safeguards against financial fraud to giving you more control over your public records, ID WORLDWIDE aggressively prevents and protects against the many forms of identity theft.

But we don’t stop there. We also provide valuable fraud protection services for improved peace-of-mind and an array of helpful tools and resources designed to help you manage your personal assets more effectively. Add our friendly, highly skilled service team into the mix, and you have a comprehensive program designed to protect and assist you every step of the way.

Let’s face it… many companies claim they have what it takes to protect your identity. But take a deeper look into what they’re actually offering, and you may be surprised at just how little you get.

In reality, most identity protection companies only provide minimal services, such as placing fraud alerts on your accounts or providing you with credit reports – things you often can do on your own for little or no cost. While helpful, these efforts only provide limited protection against a single type of identity fraud. But with so many other ways to steal your identity, these services don’t provide the complete level of security they lead you to believe.

Making matters worse, identity thieves are becoming bolder and more innovative in their techniques, employing new methods to gain control of your information. As a result, relying solely on a few traditional safeguards is insufficient for combating newer, more damaging identity crimes. Today, properly defending against identity fraud requires an advanced, multi-pronged approach that addresses all the methods thieves are using to steal your personal information.

ID WORLDWIDE employs an extensive benefits suite providing advanced protections against the three main types of identity fraud:

New account fraud

Credit card fraud

Existing account fraud

In addition, most traditional identity protection methods are “reactive,” meaning they work only after a crime has been committed against you. However, ID WORLDWIDE offers an array of proactive measures that can help stop fraud before it occurs.

Don’t be fooled by less coverage – get protected today!

Some identity protection companies offer millions of dollars in “insurance coverage” if your identity is stolen. But take a moment to read the fine print, and you’ll see that these so-called “guarantees” are worth a lot less.

In fact, these policies only cover certain expenses associated with identity recovery, often not exceeding a few thousand dollars. They do not cover material or financial losses, or make payments for “pain, suffering and time.” As a result, these large dollar amounts are nothing more than empty claims designed to grab your attention, backed by promises that will never fully deliver.

ID WORLDWIDE doesn’t promote (or charge you for) deceptive insurance coverage. In the highly unlikely event that your identity is stolen while a member of our program, our Identity Theft Insurance pays for the services you need to resolve your case. And we offer an array of expert, personalized support designed to get you back on your feet quickly. So you get all the help you need to resolve your issue fast.


The number of identity fraud victims reached 16.7 Million in 2016.

Identity theft is a real crisis. Every 4 seconds an identity is compromised. Not only that, recovering your identity is an arduous process. The average time it takes for consumers to even detect that their identity has been compromised is 68 days, and it takes an average of 33 hours to resolve the case.


Identity theft is confusing and disruptive. If your identity is stolen, call us immediately for one-on-one support. In addition to personalized phone support, we will send you a customized information kit so you can rectify the situation expediently. Our number one goal is to protect every single member, but if you are a victim of identity fraud while a member, you can count on world-class help and support from ID WORLDWIDE 5.


Losing your credit or debit card can send you into a panic, and into a frenzy if you discover that it has been stolen. As a member of ID WORLDWIDE, you can register all of your credit and debit cards with us in a secure database, so in the event of a lost card, there is only one number you need to call. After a series of verification questions to confirm your identity, we will help you cancel or replace your current cards.


A drop in credit score is one of the most damaging effects of identity theft, which is why ID WORLDWIDE monitors your credit reports from one or all three major credit reporting agencies on a daily basis. Your CreditXpert® Scores™8 are provided by CreditXpert Inc. and if there is a change on your Experian®, Equifax®, or TransUnion® credit report, ID WORLDWIDE will automatically send you an email alert to help you regain control of your credit score.


Our number one goal is keeping your identity safe from thieves, hackers and criminals. We stand by our track record in being able to keep you safe and secure. That is why $1,000,000 of insurance5 is offered to all of our members. This means that if you fall victim to identity theft while you are a member of ID WORLDWIDE, your identity theft expenses may be covered up to $1,000,000 5.*


Credit can be confusing, and predicting what will affect your credit score is a difficult exercise. With ID WORLDWIDE, you can use the credit simulator to run through different scenarios which could affect your credit score. As a member of ID WORLDWIDE, you do not have to guess whether or not canceling that old credit card will affect your credit score, you can make an educated decision.


Enjoy comprehensive protection whenever you surf the web with Norton Internet Security Online. Norton Internet Security Online is a fast, light and comprehensive security suite that helps protect against all types of viruses, spyware, bots and hackers from taking control of your computer and causing you harm. A perfect addition to your ID WORLDWIDE benefits, Norton Internet Security lets you enjoy the best of the web without worry.


Your social security number is unique to you. To make sure it stays that way – out of the hands of thieves, hackers and criminals – ID WORLDWIDE employs social security number monitoring for all of our members8. We monitor underground chat rooms, websites and blogs where social security numbers are purchased and distributed illegally and if your number is found, we automatically send you an email alert to notify you that this is happening


While credit reports offer a great insight into your full credit picture, understanding the entire report can be difficult. ID WORLDWIDE is proud to offer each of our members the Credit Information Hotline, where members can call and get answers to questions relating to their credit reports. Our experts will take the time you need to ensure that your questions are resolved.


Your credit and debit cards represent a highly valuable, easy target for identity thieves – and they are at risk whenever you make a purchase online. ID WORLDWIDE understands this risk and uses technology to scan websites that traffic in stolen credit card numbers to see if your credit card number has been compromised7. In the event that it has, we will automatically send you an email alert allowing you to stop the fraud before it starts.